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Established in 1947, Holly Farm is rolling to steep hills rising to 1300ft with a stud flock comprised of 1300 ewes. It is 850 acres of Rangitikei hill country at an altitude of 360 metres with spectacular views from Mt. Ruapehu to Mt. Taranaki to the South Island. Beautiful reserves of native bush with some fine examples of Rata trees are scattered throughout the farm.


Recording and Research

  • Sheep recorded with SIL and Studfax systems
  • AgResearch Lamb Survival trials
  • AgResearch Parasitology trials
  • AgResearch Dag and Breech Wool trials
  • Sires Gene Marker tested for cold tolerance and foot rot and highest scores retained for breeding
  • Emphasis on lamb survivability with intensive record keeping and analysing of sires daughters’ performance
  • Results for 2 years averaged – scanning 171%, total lambs dead before docking 8.6%, docking 147%
  • 2006 NZ Romney meat yield trials – Holly progeny – heaviest weaning weight
  • Consistent medium wool type
  • Foot problems culled from the flock as well as their progeny

Ram Sales

  • 50% male progeny weaned offered for sale
  • most rams used on steep hill country
  • approx. 40% to Parapara / Ohakune, 10% East Coast, 40% Hunterville



Drenching and Dag Scoring

  • strict policy of no adult sheep being drenched
  • older ewes still performing well and dag free after seven years
  • making strides in achieving cleaner sheep
  • any sheep consistently dirty is culled

Hogget Lambing

  • Lambing approx. 70% of ewe hoggets for the last 8 years
  • Results analysed with emphasis on sire groups with higher conception results
  • docking averaging 80% of hoggets mate
  • Lambing

Growth Rates

  • emphasis on 200 day live weight
  • developed a type of sheep known for their big hindquarters and well sprung rib section
  • most enquiries from new clients come as a recommendation from meat buyers

David and Maureen Smith

235A Galpins Road
RD 2
Marton 4788

Phone/Fax: 06 327 6513
Mobile: 0274 530 353

Email: hollyfarm@xtra.co.nz

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