About the Farm

Specialist Sheep Breeders of sheep known for their survivability and high growth rates.

Holly Farm

  • Winner of the 2009 Livestock Environment Award.
  • Established in 1947
  • Rolling to steep hills rising to 1300ft
  • Stud flock comprised of 1300 ewes
  • Winner of the 1992 A C Cameron Farm Excellence Award

Recording and Research

  • Sheep recorded with SIL and Studfax systems
  • AgResearch Lamb Survival trials
  • AgResearch Parasitology trials
  • AgResearch Dag and Breech Wool trials
  • Sires Gene Marker tested for cold tolerance and foot rot and highest scores retained for breeding
  • Emphasis on lamb survivability with intensive record keeping and analysing of sires daughters' performance
  • Results for 2 years averaged - scanning 171%, total lambs dead before docking 8.6%, docking 147%
  • 2006 NZ Romney meat yield trials - Holly progeny - heaviest weaning weight
  • Consistent medium wool type
  • Foot problems culled from the flock as well as their progeny

Drenching and Dag Scoring

  • strict policy of no adult sheep being drenched
  • older ewes still performing well and dag free after seven years
  • making strides in achieving cleaner sheep
  • any sheep consistently dirty is culled

Hogget Lambing

  • Lambing approx. 70% of ewe hoggets for the last 8 years
  • Results analysed with emphasis on sire groups with higher conception results
  • docking averaging 80% of hoggets mated

Ram Sales

  • 50% male progeny weaned offered for sale
  • most rams used on steep hill country
  • approx. 40% to Parapara / Ohakune, 10% East Coast, 40% Hunterville

Growth Rates

  • emphasis on 200 day live weight
  • developed a type of sheep known for their big hindquarters and well sprung rib section
  • most enquiries from new clients come as a recommendation from meat buyers
David & Maureen Smith, 235 Galpins Road, RD2, Marton 4788 | Ph/fax: +64 6 327 6513 | email: mail@hollyfarm.co.nz
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